OpenWhisk and friends

OpenWhisk and friends

Michele Sciabarra blog advocating Apache OpenWhisk.

28 Jul 2020

The zen of OpenWhisk

“Zen Master, why is cloud programming so difficult?”

“The cloud isn’t difficult to program, the cloud simply is.” “Master, and what is the cloud?”

“Don’t ask yourself what the cloud is, just ask yourself what you want from the cloud.”

“I just want it runs my code.”

“And why don’t you just put your code in the cloud?”

“Because I cannot just put my code in the cloud!”

“Why not?”

“Because the other masters told me I have to put code in containers first, and then put the containers in Kubernetes, and then put Kubernetes in the cloud.”

“And why don’t you put your programs directly in the containers that are already inside Kubnernetes that is already inside the cloud?”

“But Master, this is not possible!”

“Have you researched well? Are you sure it’s not possible?”

“Maybe it’s possible, but then why don’t everyone do it?”

“You should only ask yourself why you don’t do it.”

And so it was that the pupil was enlightened.