OpenWhisk and friends

OpenWhisk and friends

Michele Sciabarra blog advocating Apache OpenWhisk.

03 Aug 2020

The quest for the next big thing

Where to invest in IT innovations today? AI looks promising, but in the meanwhile, the cloud is booming. Why? Many reasons: from cost savings to the fact that the next-generation applications can only be “cloud-native”. Even the smallest business may need tens of servers, and using the cloud is going to be the only practical option.

So, where is the pain when it comes to moving applications to the cloud? The pain is in being cloud-native. And there is a lot of pain.

The current landscape offers solutions that address only part of the problem. Businesses are investing lots of money in buying cloud services, then hiring professionals only to create an infrastructure where they will build their cloud-native solution.

Needless to say, in the vast majority of cases, it is a waste. They are building cathedrals in the desert because developers will not follow.

Legacy applications are not fit, the proposed solutions are not good enough, the strategy is confused and the vision lacking.

The future is in a new generation of platforms that will offer a simple and easy to use approach to create cloud-native applications, as easy as you would expect to build a web or mobile application.

We need cloud-ready application servers, not do-it-yourself clusters and pipelines. We need stuff like Apache OpenWhisk.