OpenWhisk and friends

OpenWhisk and friends

Michele Sciabarra blog advocating Apache OpenWhisk.

05 Aug 2020

OpenWhisk is like a CMS for the cloud

In 2001 I started supporting a product that already had all the features of an advanced CMS back then.

It was the period when websites were “hand-written”. People were creating web pages using an editor, frequently just a text editor, and uploaded via FTP in a “web space” offered by ISP. Bookstores had books on HTML everywhere.

At that time I was already working with a tool that worked like a modern CMS: it defined a content model, applied rendering logic, offered a tool to incrementally publishing.

But there was no way to tell people: forget HTML and use a tool like this, instead.

The problem repeats itself all the time. In the beginning, enthusiasts want to learn the foundations. It was once HTML, today it is Docker.

Back then, pages were uploaded via FTP, today they put code on Kubernetes. It seems that it is “the right way” and that the only way is “do-it-yourself”.

The lucky ones are those who instead avoid incomplete technology and wait for the complete solution. I want to say it again: containers and Kubernetes are only a (small) part of the cloud-native approach; they are NOT the final solution.

There are already complete solutions. OpenWhisk is one of those. In a few years nobody will use Kubernetes alone, but only as part of complete products that solve the whole problem of putting applications in the cloud and not just a small part.