OpenWhisk and friends

OpenWhisk and friends

Michele Sciabarra blog advocating Apache OpenWhisk.

31 Jul 2020

Easy OpenWhisk versus hard Kubernetes

Practically in every programming environment a dualism arises between the “difficult” approach, for real tough and the “easy” one, for mere mortals.

Usually it starts with the difficult approach, usally the only one available. Then the easy one appears, which is initially derided. Slowly the “easy” approach prevails and takes 80% of the market.

I saw this dualism appearing for the first time in home computers, with those who developed in Assembler and those in Basic. It then came up again in the DOS environment, with TurboC on one side and Clipper on the other. In Windows environment the dualism was between Visual Basic and Visual C ++.

It didn’t end there. In the web environment, dualism was between those who programmed in Java and those who programmed in PHP. The thing translates similarly in the mobile environment, between those who develop hybrid apps in Javascript and those who make them native, in Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS.

In my opinion, dualism is also being repeated today in the cloud environment, with the difference that it is now the “container” approach and the “serverless” approach. The real tough guys make their containers by hand, assemble them in Docker and deploy them in Kubernetes, creating their cloud. Mere mortals instead prefer a simplified approach, using Serverless and solutions like Apache OpenWhisk or Nimbella.